Committees, Boards & Peer Reviewer Activities

  • 2016-2018:  President of the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR)
  • 2016-present:  Daylight Academy, founding member
  • 2014-2016:  Vice President of the SLTBR
  • 2016:  Program director, annual meeting SLTBR, June 2016, New York City
  • 2015-present:  International Lighting Committee (CIE), JTC D-3/D-6 (external advisor)


  • 2018-present:  Editorial Board ‘Clocks & Sleep’ (MDPI Journal)
  • 2017 Guest Editor Neuropsychobiology (Karger): Special Issue: Chronobiology’
  • 2012 Guest Editor: Special Issue (Hindawi): Dysregulation of Sleep and Wakefulness
  • 2006-present: Peer Reviews for: Chronobiology International, Sleep, Neuroscience Letters, Journal of Sleep Research, Journal of Biological Rhythms, Lightning Research and Technology, PLOS one, Scientific Reports, Journal of Clinical Anesthesia, Indoor Air, Journal of Psychiatric Research, Health & Sleep


  • 2017:  Moderator at the International Pupil Colloqium, Morges, Switzerland
  • 2012:  Chair symposium III at the annual meeting of the SLTBR, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2011:    Co-chair chronobiology session at the annual SSSC meeting, Zürich, Switzerland
  • 2010:  Co-chair symposium: ‘Light & Health’, at the annual meeting of the German Society for Sleep Medicine, Bremen, Germany

In the Media



    2016:  GEO Special Magazine: 'Sonne fürs Gemüt' (German)

    2016:  Tec21; Dynamisches Licht: Die Sonne ins Zimmer holen (German)

    2015:  Medical Tribune; 'So schlafen ihre Senioren wieder besser' (German)

    2013:  Le Matin; La luminothérapie chasse la dépression hivernale (French)

    2012:  13.2., Broad Cast Video on Chronobiology: in 'il Giardino di Alberto' (RSI 1; Swiss Italian Television;


    2011:  'Licht sorgt für Gesunheit' (German) Tages Anzeiger Oktober, 13/14

    2011:  'Natural light is best for the brain' World Radio Switzerland, 7.6.

    2011:  HEBDO; Bureaux bien éclairés, neurones mieux activés. 20.4. (French)

    2011:  Focus; 'Fit durch Licht'. 4.1. (German)

    2010:  Tec21; 'Zeitgeber Licht'. 47/2010 (German)

    2010:  NZZ am Sonntag; 'Erleuchtung im Klassenzimmer'. 21.11 (German)

    2010:  Swissnex - Light beyond Vision: Night and day in chronobiology and building science, Swissnex San

               Francisco, USA; Fora TV. 10.2.

    2009:  NZZ; 'Den Tag ins Zimmer holen'. 9.12. (German)

    2009:  Sonntags Zeitung; 'Strahlen fürs Gemüt'. 27.12. (German)